Dragon's Hot 7s Slots

Dragon's Hot 7s Slots was released just last year by leading gaming publisher DragonGaming! Players can get in on the action at many top tier online casino sites including Red Dog Casino, Liberty Slots Mobile, and even DragonGaming's own online casino platform. There is a demo mode in which players can explore the game for all its mysticism and rewards without having to spend a single penny. DragonGaming has done a fantastic job of following other leading online casino gaming publishers in that they've incorporated everything a new player would need, and a veteran player would want.

The overall game design follows an ancient model of dragons and Hidden Treasures. Winning fortunes and matching '777' emblems will land players the biggest prizes and rewards possible in game. Dragon's Hot 7s Slots is a classic Vegas inspired three real slot with fantastic visual and audio design. The background music accommodates a beautiful showroom floor filled with Dragon's Hot 7s Slots and all the gilded treasure it leaves in its wake. Players can stake as low as 10 cents on the game, or as much as $200 per bet. Players can win up to 1,000x their initial wager, and land anywhere from 2x to 5x bonuses on each turn.

The game itself has a ton of fantastic and customizable settings including a max bet feature, a lightning spin feature, and even in auto spin feature in which players can grind Dragon's Hot 7s Slots without even having to be in front of their device. Speaking of devices, Dragon's Hot 7s Slots is also just as playable on mobile as it is on a laptop or desktop platform. This is a simplistic yet visually stunning game in which players will be immersed from the very first reel spin.

Players can access the pay table, settings, and rules all from the easy to access menu in the top right of the screen. The pay table is listed as prizes anywhere from .2x a single wager, up to 100x a single wager without the use of re-spins or bonuses of any sort. With re-spins and multipliers, players can land up to 1,000x their wager as previously mentioned. Players can match a single '7' up to nine '7s' all providing their own unique multiplier boost along the way. Any player who lands nine '7s' on the board will net 100x their wager instantly as a grand prize!

Players should get into the free play demo mode as it is a great tutorial especially for new players. Dragon's Hot 7s Slots has many mechanics for such a simple game, and this includes the re-spin feature which is triggered when one or a couple of reels are empty. Players will always have a chance to re-spin when empty reels are available, and in turn multiplier features will be triggered in which the final win amount will be a multiplier bonus of 2x up to 10x the wager! Dragon's Hot 7s Slots is tons of modern online casino fun!