Screaming Chillis Slots

Screaming Chillis Slots has some heated up gameplay for looking for a spicy slots experience. This is a DragonGaming slots title based on the wide array of super spicy Chilis from Latin America, and the game is as fun to look at as it is to play and earn with! This 5x3 reel slot allows players to trigger a wide array of bonus functions including free spins, and even a progressive jackpot which grants up to a 25,000x multiplier! There are some intense and fiery bonuses in Screaming Chillis Slots, and players who can handle the heat will end up with the greatest rewards.

DragonGaming has developed one of the best looking slots titles out right now, every taco, chili and lime emblem in game available to match looks as visually polished as the next. Fans of Latin American flavor, heat and cuisine will get hungry just playing this game as it encapsulates everything fun and visually enticing about 'el sabor'. Players will be able to track their trek to progressive jackpots with a cleanly designed jackpot board gilded on to the players' user interface.

Players who match any six Chili's on the board will receive a $20 bonus, seven Chilis will result in a $40 bonus, eight Chilis will result in a $140 bonus, and any nine will result in a $500 bonus! These rewards go all the way up to 15 Chilis in which players can redeem the 25,000x multiplier bonus which can net up to $500,000 in jackpot rewards! These progressive pay line rewards work with each stake the player bets. If a player gets in on the action per turn with 10 cents, their progressive jackpots will vary. Players who bet 10 cents on the turn can receive their money back with 6 chilis found, and so on and so forth until 15 chilis are found which can grant the up to 25,000x multiplier bonus as mentioned previously.

Players who are a fan of Latin culture will especially appreciate the bottles of spicy chili sauce, along with the shots of tequila and lime awaiting big winners at the finish line. Lucky Sevens can be matched along with a wide array of chili pepper Wilds, all of which make the Screaming Chillis Slots experience one of a kind when it comes to slots gaming. Screaming Chillis Slots also has a somewhat high RTP (return to player) along with an extremely affordable buy in of 10 cents per spin.

Screaming Chillis Slots is an accommodating title with a free play demo mode allowing any players over the age of 18 to access Screaming Chillis Slots and all of its mechanics and rewards without having to spend real money, nor sign up or register and account on any online casino site. Screaming Chillis Slots is a visually fantastic game with a lot of fun aspects of Latin culture to mix, match and earn with. This is one of DragonGaming's best slots titles, and it's available to play right now!