Big Cats Slots

Big Cats Slots is the new age ITG Gaming creation released in late 2017. This awesomely high-powered slots title is available at some of the biggest online casinos around, and has served the betting public well in its nearly half decade life span thus far. Big Cats Slots is available to play on platforms like El Royale Casino, Liberty Slot Mobile, Vegas Slots Online and even Red Dog Casino! Published by one of the biggest and most respected in the industry, Big Cats Slots shows how ITG is changing the game and still putting out some of the best Vegas inspired games out there! Players can dive into all the fun of this 5x3 reel slots title with over 30 pay lines to earn rewards from! In this article we will take a deep dive into whether or not Big Cats Slots lives up to the hype, and if this game checks all the boxes when it comes to an ITG brand new release!

Off the bat players will notice the ITG staple mechanic of having a free play demo mode inserted into the game itself. The sheer beauty of the game is evident off the bat with many emblems represent different type of Jungle Cats available to mix and match for huge rewards. Players will be able to make customized bets per turn, which means new players can bet anywhere from 10 cents to $10 all the while adjusting the pay lines as well. Players can place a single 10 cent bet on a single pay line, or bet $10 on a single pay line all the way up to 30 pay lines! ITG and Big Cats Slots have created a new and innovative way to allow players to customize their bets in uniquely rewarding ways. The increments of being able to bet cents per pay line all the while adjusting the pay line is unheard of, but players will love the game play and ability to customize their wins to their liking.

The 'pawprint' found on the reel acts as a wild and provides players up to 5 free spins and turns! There are also emblems on the board which represent double symbols and payout twice as much every single time they're appointed on. The free play demo mode will help players learn these mechanics in symbols to be ready for any real money action they get into eventually. Players can also unlock free spin triggers in the unique 'Split' symbol function which comes to symbols in one square to pack a bunch of some serious rewards. ITG has done a fantastic job of blending the African wildlands and gorgeous cats that make up its scenery with a expired title that is his rewarding as it is fun. The 5x3 reel is easy to learn in terms of symbols to match and rewards to capture, but the engaging and magnetic gameplay is what keeps players coming back for more daily. Big Cats Slots is one of ITG's best.